Corporate Design

Quality design makes great first impressions and makes your brand more memorable. Here are some ways we can help your company look better.

Line Icons

This style has been extremely popular in recent years. The examples above use lines that are all uniform in width.

Line Icons + Pop

A slightly different twist on the usual line icons. This style adds some fills to create highlights.

Animated Icons

Unlike the other examples, these don't have heavy outlines. When done well, they can be both classic and modern.

User Interface

Design and Mockup

User Interface is how we connect to computers. That covers everything from the most rudimentary DOS prompt and keyboard to the modern touch screen devices we’re all attached to.

The goal of UI design should always be to make it as simple as possible for the user. But it’s not that easy; the design should also look amazing! People tend to choose beautiful things before ugly ones even if the ugly ones have better features. Therefor, if you want to attract users, you should do so with appealing visuals. To retain users, you should do so with great functionality.

Quality UI design enables users to get things done quickly, which saves time (a precious resource).



A letterhead can be very simple or incredibly ornate, but it should always act as a positive representation of your brand. It's a great way to interact with potential customers and sometimes it creates the critical first impression.

Whether you need a new letterhead design or not, consider these examples of how different layout elements can create different impressions.


Charts, Infographics, etc.

A simple fact: most people are visual learners. Countless companies make the mistake of trying to sell their services with hastily-sketched, sloppy, off-brand diagrams created by engineers. We should all discourage this practice. Poorly designed graphics often lead to over-explanation. Plus, they make bad impressions. Good design eliminates hassle, saves time, and makes us look better.

Chances are that in whatever field you reside, there are many others selling similar products at similar prices. You can set yourself apart with excellent design. We can work together to create clear and concise graphics that logically explain your concepts.