Welcome! It seems safe to say that you're either browsing or you're wondering about Latham Design Co. LDC is primarly one guy named Ernest Latham. That's me. And I appreciate you being here.

Let's take a quick trip back to the 80's and 90's. My dad (mustachioed man in the red shirt) routinely encouraged me to channel my creativity. When I was a kid, both he and my mom, Belinda, never failed to praise me when I presented them artwork. I'm sure the compliments were embellished most of the time, but they made me feel like an artist of the highest distinction. So I think it makes sense to credit my parents for my love of art and design.

Art classes were often the highlight of my school days, so I enrolled in as many as possible. As a high school senior, I joined an off-campus two-period Graphic Design course. It was a thrill to learn different ways to use computers creatively. That class influenced me to pursue a GD degree at University of the Pacific. What an amazing place to grow and learn!

My artistic career began as a designer of posters for the Associated Student Body of Pacific. Then, I was fortunate to join the Santa Cruz branch of Alphagraphics, where I served as an apprentice of design and production to very knowledgeable and helpful pros like Nerio Mones.

Next up, Cindy Couling hired me to join Lunagraphica and taught me countless lessons over the years. Each day I got to learn from an awesome boss about the nuances of design, management, and client relations. It was amazing to work with such a vast range of clients, personalities, and fields at Luna.

Next, I spent 3+ years at Nisum Technologies as a Visual Web Designer. It was incredible to work with such a brilliant and talented group of people. I'm still grateful to Lena Torgerson for setting up my interview. While with Nisum, I worked for the sensational Shami Ahuja as a graphic, web, and UI designer while also working as a photographer, video editor, narrator, and more. I had an absolute blast!

I'm currently employed with the San Francisco branch of PureRED. Here, I'm surrounded by skilled, quick-witted creatives and experienced management. PureRED is a powerhouse marketing agency with nationally recognized, iconic consumer brands. The scope of my work includes social media, web, mass market print, and animated videos. I'm learning from my leaders to see the broader objectives to each campaign.

Thank you very much for taking some time to find out more about me and Latham Design Co.